Snowdon Horse Shoe

The Snowdon Horse, this is a walk over the four Mountains that can be seen in the photograph below. The route starts with Crib Goch, which is in the middle of the group of the three Mountains on the right hand side of the photo. The route then crosses Crib-Y-Ddysgl which appears to the right of Crib Goch in this photo.  Next is Snowdon itself, which is appears to the left of Crib Goch. Lastly is Y-Lliwedd which is on the left. The total distance is 6 miles with a height gain of 3,350 ft. for the uninitiated this is equivalent to walking up 335 flights of stairs with a rucksack, so you will need to be reasonably fit !. It will take about 7 hours to complete the walk.

This walk involves a lot of scrambling, which is climbing up small outcrops generally less than 10 feet high. The stepped nature of these outcrops means that you get the impression of being high up but it isn't rock climbing. However, you will need a head for heights.

Snowdon Horse Shoe(48929 bytes)

A better idea of the terrain can be seen in the photo below.


Snowdon Horse Shoe (93430 bytes)

The map below shows the start point for the walk, which is at the Pen-Y-Pass car park (red triangle) where there are toilets and a cafe. The car park is small and it is a popular starting point so it pays to arrive early. If there are no spaces left then it is possible to park at the side of the road near the Pen-Y-Gyrd Hotel (green pointer) and walk back up to the car park (20 minutes approx.).

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Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

From the car park we will follow a well worn rocky path to the foot of Crib Goch the first Mountain in the Snowdon Horse. Exact details can be found in the map link at bottom of this page. The next 500 feet of ascent is very steep and rocky. Once the top is reached we follow the very narrow and steep sided ridge for 250m.  This can be seen in the next series of photos.

View Of Crib Goch Ridge

View Of Crib Goch Ridge

Following this "Windy Gap" is reached where the path follows a broad spur to the foot of Crib-Y-Ddysgl which is the second Mountain we will climb. The path is steep, rocky and will involve scrambling to get to the top. The photo below illustrates the terrain.

View Of Crib Goch Ridge

The photos below are taken from the top of Crib-Y-Ddysgl looking back towards Crib Goch.

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At the top we will reach a broad rock plateau and beyond that the Snowdon Railway. Once we reach the railway its is about 500 m. to the top of Snowdon and its train station / cafe.

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The photo below shows the top of Snowdon and is taken from near the point were the route joins the Snowdon railway.

snowdon summit (18964 bytes)


The photo below is the view from Snowdon looking towards Crib Goch ridge.

cribgoch6.gif (57277 bytes)


From the top of Snowdon we follow steep a descent of 500 feet down a scree slope. Then across a broad ridge to the foot of Y-Lliwedd the last Mountain in the Horse Shoe, its about 300 feet to the top over rocky / broken ground.

The photo below shows Y-Lliwedd looking from the base of Crib Goch.

Llywedd.gif (75420 bytes)


The photo below was taken from the top of Y-Lliwedd looking back towards Snowdon and Crib-Y-Ddysgl.

Llywedd1.gif (69792 bytes)

From Y-Lliwedd its about 1 Km down a steep path back to the well worn path around the lake (Llyn LLydaw). From the lake its 2 Km back to the car park.

Llywedd3.gif (77624 bytes)

Exact details of the route can be found here :- Map